The Ultimate Featherbed

Sleeping on a featherbed is the ultimate in luxury! Our featherbeds are simply the best, sleeping on them is like sleeping on a cloud. They are extremely full and plump, giving exceptional comfort and support.
Our featherbeds are filled with feathers and a little down. They are a fluffy layer of feathers. When first put on the bed, they crown at about 7 inches - high and puffy. They gradually relaxe with use. To keep a featherbed at it's maximum loft it needs to to be refluffed. They are covered with a 280 thread count cotton twill and constructed with 9 baffle boxes with 10"" baffle walls.

  • Hand-filled fresh to order.
  • Covered with 280 thread count cotton twill.
  • Constructed with 9 baffle boxes with 10" baffle walls.
  • Made in the USA, from European White Goose Feathers.
  • We source only RDS Certified Ethical Down.
Down products are not returnable.