Silk Covered Eiderdown Duvet Comforters

Down, which is the fine plumage under the outer feathers, has special insulating and thermal performance. The quality of down is measured by fill power, this describes the volume of a certain amount of down after it has been compressed. The warmest most insulating down is from the Eider duck. The down of the Eiderduck is significantly larger, than other down so it can store more air, isolate and warm better, is lighter and has a higher fill power. Eiderdown is the highest quality down in the world. It is the only down that has no feathers or rigid quills. It is extremely soft, elastic and resistant to repeated compression.
For our new Eiderdown collection we chose to combine Eiderdown and silk, two of the most valuable natural materials.
The new Helios silk covered eiderdown duvet comforters are filled with the finest Eiderdown and covered with an opulent 100% German silk in a plain, off-white hue. Our smoothest fabric.The fabrics in this collection are made from a down-proof 100% silk, milled, sewn, and finished in Germany. They are ultra light and smooth.
There is no duvet comforter finer.

  • Hand-filled fresh to order.
  • Covered with an opulent 100% German silk sateen.
  • Color: Off-White.
  • Fill Power: 830
  • Made in Germany, from Eiderdown.
  • We source only RDS Certified Ethical Down.

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Down products are not returnable.
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