The Founder

Meet ANICHINI Founder, Susan Dollenmaier

Susan Dollenmaier is not your typical company leader, and there is nothing typical about her business. To begin, she purposely chose to put roots down in rural Vermont, and to grow the global enterprise of ANICHINI there. She believes that family comes first, which is imperative with twin daughters..

Her laid-back, earthy style is in sharp contrast to the high-paced world of luxury linens and textiles she has created. Susan is an expert on the topic.

Susan's interest in textiles was sparked by her grandmother, who was a dressmaker. She earned her B.A. in Design under Buckminster Fuller - arguably the most creative designer of this century. However, all that she learned about textiles, including their ancient origins, actual weaving techniques, history, and their huge role in culture is self-taught. It was her expertise, learned in part from her years in the flea market circuit, and her ambition, that led to her outstanding entrepreneurial achievements with ANICHINI.

Susan says that ANICHINI's products are the heirlooms of tomorrow. She views her personal collection of antique linens, which she started collecting in college, as an archive from which she draws inspiration for new concepts.

Susan is a woman of vision and the embodiment of the word "entrepreneur." She manages to balance a world-class luxury goods company with clients the likes of royalty and A-list celebrities, plus the duties of a compassionate employer, and also her family life.

She believes that there is a new awareness among American consumers; that they are rejecting the concept of disposability and embrace the pursuit of excellence. Not only should the products reflect authenticity and excellence, but the company itself must maintain the highest standards.