Kashi Collection

At Anichini we have a passion for all things authentic. Hand loomed fabrics are at the top of our list!

These textiles are produced in a manner that has been handed down through the millenia. Hand loomed textiles have a quality of richness and depth missing from commercially produced textiles. There are irregularities and nuances of color and texture that are deeply pleasing to the eye and hand. Handlooms are "the genuine article" of textiles.

In addition, handlooms are greener because no energy (other than human) is used to produce them. The carbon footprint is smaller. They drape beautifully and are ideal for window treatments. They are woven in small quantities by artisans keeping the craft alive. Many indigenous textiles weavers are at the lower end of the income scale. There are numerous positive reasons to purchase artisan textiles. Most companies do not want to be involved with products which are woven in small quantities and have potential for variance.

At ANICHINI, we embrace the spirit of their special beauty as well as the cultural heritage and low environmental impact.


The silk moth is the source of silk, one of the original fibers, one of the finest, luxury textile materials.