The Buying Guide For Sheets


The Sheeting Buying Guide - How To Choose The Perfect Sheets

A good night's sleep is one of the most important things to keep us healthy, restore and refresh our mind, and increase our longevity. The truth is that we spend about a third of our life in bed. Therefore it is important to choose the right set of sheets for you, to lay the foundation for the most comfortable and rejuvenating night's sleep, night after night. Here are 3 things to consider when choosing your sheets:


1. The Fiber & Weave
One of the greatest variables in a sheet's hand (the feel of the sheet) is the fiber and the weave. Tastes can vary widely between these. For some, a silky, opulent feel is a must. For others, a relaxed, laid back look is the ideal. Not to mention, certain fibers are better for warmer climates and those who sleep hot. At ANICHINI we source the best sheeting in each of these categories, below is our guide to selecting the best one for you.

2. The Source Of The Fiber
As with most things, the source is important. Not all cotton is created equal. Here at ANICHINI we only use long staple cotton for our cotton sateen, percale, and twill sheets. You can read more about the important of long staple cotton and the types of cotton here.

3. The Thread Count
We have spent a lot of time here at ANICHINI trying to dispell the myth that a sheet's thread count is a marker of it's quality. You can read more on the truth about thread count here. While a higher thread count does not mean that a sheet is better or worse (it is the quality of the cotton that matters), in some cases it can be something to consider when choosing a sheet. For example, a percale sheet with a lower thread count will be lighter and cooler than one with a higher thread count which will have a heavier hand. 

Here Are The Things To Consider When Selecting What Fiber And Weave You Prefer In A Sheet

Cotton Sateen Sheets

The Buying Guide For Cotton Sateen Sheets

Cotton sateen sheets are woven to produce a smooth surface with a luxurious drape. They have a soft, buttery hand and are thicker and warmer than cotton percales. This is due to their weave which usually has a higher thread count than most percales. Our collection of sateen sheets is woven from long staple Egyptian Cotton with a thread count of 600 or more. Sateens are a very smooth, rich, and luxurious sheet.


Cotton Percale Sheets

The Buying Guide For Cotton Sateen Sheets

Cotton percale sheets are a medium-weight sheet woven with a plain weave. They have a cool, crisp feel and are perfect for warmer climates and for those who sleep hot. Due to their weave their ideal thread count is lower than that of a sateen, keeping them lighter and breathable. Our collection of percale sheets is woven from long staple Egyptian Cotton with thread counts starting at 200. They are also a less expensive option than some of our other fibers and weaves.


Cotton Twill Sheets

The Buying Guide For Cotton Sateen Sheets

Cotton twill sheets are sensuous yet indestructable. Like cotton sateens they too have a soft, buttery hand, but it is a little more substantial than solid sateens. This is due to the unusual weave which lends exceptional durability to the silky finish. Our collection of twill sheets is woven from long staple Egyptian Cotton. They include some of our bestselling designs, there is nothing else like them in the marketplace.


Linen Sheets

The Buying Guide For Cotton Sateen Sheets

The first sheets were made of linen. A favorite among purists, linen sheets have a crinkled, laid-back style. They wrinkle, and that is part of their allure. They have a coarser hand than cotton and are very breathable. Linen sheets are always the right temperature, cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. Our collection of linen sheets includes both classic hemstitched styles, like those found in some of the world's most iconic hotels to laid-back, modern designs.


Silk Sheets

The Buying Guide For Cotton Sateen Sheets

Sleeping on silk sateen sheets is the ultimate luxury. They have the smoothest hand of all the sheets. But in addition to their divine feel, silk sheets have a number of practical features whch can contribute to the overall quality of your sleep and health. Like linen, silk is cool in the summer and warmer in the winter. It is hypoallergenic, helps maintain the moisture in your skin, and helps lessen hair breakage and wrinkles. Our collection of silk sheets includes a wide selection of colors and intricate patterns.