ANICHINI 802 is the one and only brick and mortar store for ANICHINI, the Vermont-based luxury textile company. Located in Quechee, Vermont, the store is a pure reflection of the interests and direction of founder, Susan Dollenmaier and her colleagues.

In addition to carrying the entire ANICHINI collection, the store also includes unusual new products sourced personally by Dollenmaier. The emphasis, as always, will be on traditional artisanal textiles and techniques. The selections are global in reach, featuring artisans and small companies from around the world. ANICHINI supports these artisans, usually women, in maintaining these ancient traditions and crafts by creating a stage and a marketplace for them in America.

A Full-Service Home Furnishings Store Like None Other

"Touching and working with beautiful textiles is a sensual pleasure that cannot be duplicated online, no matter how hard we try. ANICHINI 802 is a reflection of my interests and passions, including antiques, art, and crafts." - Susan Dollenmaier


Open Everday 10:00am - 5:00pm

6931 Woodstock Road
Quechee, Vermont 05059
(802) 698-8813
[email protected]