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MUGA SILK - The Vegetarian Silk


Muga silk has been prized by royalty for centuries. This wild, naturally luminescent, golden silk is grown only in the Assam province of India. Muga silk is the product of the silkworm Antheraea assamensis. The silkworms feed on som and sualu leaves, eventually spinning a cocoon of golden silk filament in which to undergo their metamorphosis. Once the cocoons are vacant, they are gathered and hand harvested by farmers. Muga silk is know as the vegetarian silk, because during harvesting the worm is not killed.

Originally developed by the Mogul rulers for wedding dresses, muga silk was later used by the Japanese for ceremonial kimonos. This rare, wild silk is growing ever scarcer as environmental stresses are impacting the plant species the moths depend on. ANICHINI is the first to produce Muga Silk for the home.