Silk Road Eiderdown

There is no comforter finer than an Eiderdown duvet. Our new Eiderdown collection combines Eiderdown and silk, two of the most valuable, natural, noble, and historic materials available.

What Is Eiderdown?
The down of the Eider duck is the unequivocal best. Eiderdown is the warmest and lightest of all down. It is a rarity. Its harvesting is an ethical and meticulous process. Its supply is subject to what nature deems each season.

Silk has been prized by royalty for millennia. Produced by the silkworm, It is one of the original fibers. When you purchase an ANICHINI Eiderdown duvet, you are supporting a tradition of craftsmanship handed down for generations. These duvets will last a lifetime.


The Eider duck is the source of eiderdown, one of the original fibers, one of the finest, luxury down materials.