ANICHINI believes in Noble Materials - The Original Fibers - Eiderdown


The down of the eider duck is the unequivocal best.
Eiderdown is the warmest and lightest of all down. This down is gathered from the Eider duck, a protected species native to Iceland. The harvesting is an ethical and meticulous process carried out by Eider farmers.

The Eider duck is the only species which molts naturally. Each year the females return to the same beaches to build their nests near the water’s edge. They molt their down to be used to line their nests to insulate the eggs against the harsh conditions. The down of the Eider duck is significantly larger than other species, enabling it to store more air and thus provide more warmth. These nests are carefully guarded by the farmers. Once the eggs hatch and the ducks and ducklings leave the beaches for the season, the down from the nests is hand-harvested.

Eiderdown is a noble material and a rarity. Its supply is subject to what nature deems each season and its harvest relies upon a mutually beneficial relationship between the farmer and the duck. (For a closer look at this please watch the video at the bottom of the page.) When you purchase eiderdown, you are supporting a tradition of craftsmanship handed down for generations.