Linen Flat Weave Bath Linens

Long before the advent of terry cloth the original bath towel was a large linen towel. Still widely used throughout Europe and the rest of the world, linen towels are naturally anti-microbial, anti-static, and very durable and long lasting. Linen is a natural exfoliator which rejuvenates the skin. It dries rapidly - making linen a more environmentally friendly alternative to cotton terry towels.

Linen is the ultimate eco-friendly towel... Rejuvenating for the skin, fast drying and absorbent, and extremely durable.

Celebrating Linen: The Original Towel

As with most old forms of textiles, there is reason people used them long ago: they worked and they lasted forever. This couldn’t be any truer of linen towels. Read why they are our favorite.  ➤➤

See why we think LINEN is a noble material.

See why we think LINEN is a noble material.