Linen Terry Bath Linens

A towel is a tool. One of the first textile tools invented. The original towel was made from flat woven linen. The towel was used for drying after bathing long before soap was invented. Approximately 600 years ago, the Turks began to weave the first towel that is still recognizable today, the pestamel.

As the Ottoman Empire grew, so did the use of the towel. Weavers were asked to embroider more elaborate designs, aided by their knowledge of carpet-weaving. By the 18th century, towels began to feature loops sticking up from the pile of the material. So the looped cotton terry towel that we know today was originally invented as a decoration. Having said that, it was invented in Turkey and Turkey still makes the best looped cotton terry available.

Our collection of terry bath linens includes the finest terry that we have found for the bath... from the esteemed Turkish cotton terry towels to the more eco-friendly linen terry towels.