One-Of-A-Kind, Handwoven Cashmere Stole

Anichini offers what we believe to be the finest handwoven cashmere in the world, sourced from Nepal. We are now proud to expand our collection and introduce one of a kind, handwoven cashmere pieces.
This cashmere is the unique hybrid of Italian technology and Nepalese hand craft. The cashmere is harvested in Nepal, where the high altitude and climate produce the warmest wool, and then sent to Italy to be turned into yarn in the same facilities that produce for the design industry there. The finished yarn is then sent back to Nepal to be woven by the most skilled hand weavers, creating a product that blends the best of high fashion and hand craft.
The Space Ombre stole is incredibly light – it feels like wearing a cloud and defies gravity. Woven in a color gradient (space ombre) with an open fringe on two ends. This wrap is oversized to drape beautifully when worn as a scarf or around the shoulders. Lightly woven to provide warmth in any season.


  • 100% Cashmere.
  • Made in Nepal.


Dry Clean Only