Italian Paisley Jacquard Table Linens

Our “Kashmir” design is an updated version of an ancient motif. The paisley design never gets old; instead it evolves to suit the times. This rich, intricate paisley jacquard is woven in Italy of the finest 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton (ELS).

The iconic design motif that we refer to as "paisley" actually originated in Persia as long ago as 500 AD. The bent tear drop shape has stood the test of time and remains as current today as ever.

From Persia it traveled to India. The paisley shawls made in Kashmir occupy a pre-eminent place among textile products. Kashmir is India's northernmost state and was the point through which ancient India passed to the world. The Kashmir shawl that evolved from a local expertise had greater fame than any other Indian textile. These shawls became so popular that the demand outstripped the supply. Eventually, with the invention of the jacquard loom, shawls which were imitations of the Kashmiri shawls were produced. The center of this production was in Paisley, Scotland. Hence the name.

Kashmir pairs beautifully with our Persia and Scheherazade collections.

Sustainably woven in Italy using Oeko-Tex materials & processes.Sustainably woven in Italy using Oeko-Tex materials & processes.

Orange and Orange Reverse are out of stock until 03/24.

  • Finished with a simple turned hem.
  • 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton (ELS)
  • Made in Italy
Placemats, Runners, and Tablecloths are made to order and are not returnable.