Hand Loomed 100% Camel Hair Blankets

Our Karakorum blankets are made from handspun 100% camel hair which is handwoven in a 4-ply reversible twill weave. Exceptionally luxurious, supple, and durable, camel hair is as soft as cashmere and warmer than merino wool.

The coat of the camel is composed of 2 layers - the coarse top layer, called guard hairs, was traditionally used for tents and carpets by the Berbers and other nomadic groups. Beneath these is the soft undercoat that is used to create textiles of unbelievable softness and warmth.

The Karakorum collection celebrates the rare and raw beauty of this natural fiber. The two colors of the sides reflect the natural color of the camel's coat. They are undyed and completely natural. The purest of luxury textiles.

The Karakorum blankets are finished with a cashmere binding.

  • King Blanket (90" x 108"), Queen Blanket (90" x 90"), Throw (60" x 72")
  • Pillows (12" x 26"), (14" x 36")
  • Blankets are finished with cashmere binding.
  • 100% Camel Hair.
  • Made in Nepal.
  • Natural Camel/Natural White.