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Printed Linen Fabric

Our new Erba fabric is a totally unique and glorious fabric produced in Barcelona. It is highly graphic with the look and feel of an ancient deteriorating fresco. We love it!

The fabric is 100% linen. Extremely durable. It is useful for upholstery but also can be constructed as pillows, bedcoverings etc. See our Erba bedding collections below.

  • Width: 55"
  • Repeat: 30"V, 57"H
  • Content: 100% Linen
  • Country of Origin: Spain
  • By The Yard: $200.00/Yard
  • By The Roll (25 Yards): $155.00/Yard
  • Minimum Order: 5 Yards


The Genuine Article

ANICHINI’s search for the Genuine Article took us to Barcelona and Catalan country and a company called YUTES. Originally, YUTES produced jute bags for the fruit and vegetable market. When plastic replaced jute, they began to weave natural fibers into residential fabrics. These fabrics reflect the roots of this company; merging the ultra-rustic with the color and sensibility of modern Spain. These fabrics are timeless, rugged and natural. We love them.

YUTES and ANICHINI have created a partnership in the USA. This is the first time that Anichini has joined forces with another brand. We think YUTES is unique in the world and we want to share that with you.