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Italian Sateen Jacquard Fabric

  • Reversible.
  • Width: 118"
  • Repeat: No repeat
  • Content: 100% Extra-Long Staple Cotton (ELS)
  • Country of Origin: Italy
  • Sustainably woven in Italy using Oeko-Tex materials & processes.

Only Use Railroaded

A signature ANICHINI design, this extraordinary thread dyed jacquard is woven with the finest, smoothest quality Extra-Long Staple Cotton (ELS). The threads are 100% colorfast. But the coup de grace is the fact that the weave itself is a twill weave. This twill translates into durability and longevity you cannot find elsewhere. Persia is completely reversible, the reverse side is just as beautiful and interesting as the "right side". The Persia medallion design coordinates beautifully with the Scheherazade stripe fabric.

Orange & Orange Reverse are out of stock until 02/24

How To Wash Cotton Twill Fabric

Machine wash in warm (not hot) water on a gentle cycle. You may use any mild detergent or soap. Use enzyme reactive stain removers only. Do not use chlorine, bleach, stain removers or detergents with lighteners. Never pour detergent or soap directly on your textiles. Either pour it in when the tub is full or dilute it.

Do not use fabric softeners. These only coat the fibers and make them "appear" to be soft. We suggest using one cup of white vinegar in the rinse water to remove any traces of soap and leave fabrics smelling fresh.

The ideal way to dry textiles is air only. If you need to use a dryer, use the lowest setting and never dry completely. During the last few minutes of a dryer cycle the fabric overheats and dries out, making it brittle and lifeless over time. Always remove them from the dryer while still damp.

Cut fabric by the yard and swatches are not returnable.